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Below is a example of digital repair to a old and damaged black and white film print





    Image repair of damaged, torn, creased or water stained photographs




Below we see a 1950s  print from film format of a 6"x4" photograph ready to be worked on in the digital Darkroom.





Above is a very old Black and White low resolution photograph taken in 1959 on a old film camera.

The photograph has been transfered and reproduced onto digital media ( No negatives were available for this image)

it was  then heavily worked on in a modern Image Manipulation software package using digital darkroom techinques to

repair the creases and torn sections  and to improve the general background.

The resolution, contrast and brightness has also been synthetically enhansed in an attempt to improve overall image quality.

Whilst modern digital dark room techniques give us great scope to repair and save old black and white photos the end result

is often dependent on the resolution of the original image.


There are different ways to approach image repair, one is to scan the image into digital format but here I chose to Photograph the

original image using a 12 megapixel digital camera with the image placed inside a "Light-Box" .

The end result is similar to what you would achieve by scanning.





Stage 2 of Image enhancement .......(Damaged and creased sections repaired)  






(Above) Stage 3 of image enhancement ...(Clarify, Contrast and brightness has been applied)








  Final stage ..( Backround improvement and size cropping)









After Repair

The Final Image


Above is the  finished  repaired image, cropped and enhansed, plus the background now tidied up to  a acceptabe photographic level.


  Your own photographs and or images, digital or film can be repaired for a small donation to Derian House Childrens Charity. Email:       



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If you have a damaged print that is in need of repair then please email me, I will take a look at the print and if it is repairable then I will do it FREE of charge and send the repaired file back to you via email,

 you can then have it printed either on your own printer or at a third party printing service such as one of the supermarkets.

 All I ask is that you make a 1 or more donation to the Derian House charity which is located in Chorley Lancashire, the address is below.

 I will then send you a glossy 10x8 print and I will pay the Royal Mail postage. Please do not send any money to me







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       If you would like a free 10x8 inch print of any image on this web site (Except Portraits Page) then please contact me.

       All I ask is that you make a 1 or more donation to the Derian House charity which is located in Chorely.

       The address is below. I will send you a glossy 10x8 print and I will pay the Royal Mail postage. Please do NOT send any money to me.


           If you have a damaged photograph that is in need of repair (regardles of whether it is digital or 35mm)  then please go to the "Image Rescue and Repair" page.




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