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1991 Mazda Eunos MX Roaster Classic Photographed in March 2012


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Bentley Continental GT


The photos above and below were taken at The Crewe Heritage Centre in 2009



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1938 Austin Big Seven  900cc

Austin flying A badge.png












This VICTORIAN fire engine has been donated to one of the North-East’s main visitor attractions the BeamishMuseum,

in CountyDurham.

The “Nelson” Shand Mason steam fire appliance, which served the Bishop Auckland area in the 1890s,

is now a permanent part of the BeamishMuseum, in CountyDurham. 











BK 8794 1924 Daimler Platform Lorry.


On Display at The Beamish Open Air Museum near Durham.

























Rolls-Royce Phantom III... Chassis No. 3AZ54. Reg No. AWD 578.

This is a restored 1936 Crosbie & Dunn Rolls Royce Phantom 111 Saloon. Picture taken at the Leyland 2011 Festival
More correctly a limousine than a saloon, as it has a division and occasional seats, but termed a Saloon by Crosbie & Dunn who bodied this model, this is the only Phantom III bodied by them, which adds to its attraction and makes it relatively unique. The car is correct and original, including the well-appointed blue cloth rear interior.

















A classic British MG car from what was once The British Motor Corporation of yesteryear (BMC).Photo taken at The Leyland 2011 Festival








Here is another example of the Austin 7 box saloon classic car . The date of this particular model was not known at the time
 Picture was taken at the Leyland Festival (July 2011).















As a general purpose divisional car, the Minor had its following - Stockport
Constabulary was using 2-door Minor saloons finished in a rather striking Chevron












969 Austin Minor Van at the 2011 Leyland Festival

A late 60s alternative to the Minivan

During the 1960s the AA's (Breakdown and recovery service) motorcycle combinations were phased out in favour of vans, mostly Minivans, although other types were also used, including a fleet of around 100 Minor vans bought between 1968 and 1970.

The British Motor Corporation (BMC), owners of Austin and Morris amongst others, decided in 1967 that the Morris Minor van should also be available as an Austin alternative. This particular vehicle was photographed at the 2011 Leyland Festival (UK) Taken h July 2011.

For reasons now lost the AA favoured the Austin version, which apart from the badges, radiator grille and engine colour was identical to the Morris, in fact although the engines were badged as either Morris or Austin they were in fact identical.

AA Minors were fitted with the optional alternator instead of the standard dynamo to make sure they were able to cope with the extra electrical demands from the front spotlights, roof sign, flashing light and two-way radio and the rear number plate was roof-mounted to make way for the tow-bar.

This example of an AA Austin Minor was traced through its registration YYK 643H and was rescued from the front garden of a house in South-east London in 1998 after a long search for an ex-AA Minor.
















170 UXR 1933 Austin Seven. Photo taken at the 2011 Leyland Festival.


The Austin 7 was a car produced from 1922 through to 1939 in the United Kingdom by the Austin Motor Company. Nicknamed the "Baby Austin", it was one of the most popular cars ever produced for the British market, and sold well abroad. It wiped out most other British small cars and cyclecars of the early 1920s; its effect on the British market was similar to that of the Model T Ford in the USA. It was also licensed and copied by companies all over the world.

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1928 Willys Overland Whippet , Classic Car, Model 96

 2200cc Side Valve Engine.


In 1926, production of the Overland ended and was replaced by the Whippet brand of small cars. Following the stock-market crash of 1929 and the economic depression that soon followed, a number of Willys automotive brands began to falter. Stearns-Knight was liquidated in 1929. Whippet production ended in 1931, its models replaced by the Willys Six and Eight. Production of the Willys-Knight ended in 1933.

















The Triumph Aclaim HL


This model was first registered on the 1st of August 1983 and is quite rare because the model was a tie up between Austin Rover Group and Honda and was only produced for 3 years between 1981 – 1984. It has a 1335cc Honda engine and a five speed gearbox. The model was replaced by the Rover 213 and 216.

After speaking to the owner I found out that this particular model is finished in Monza red and carries its original paintwork.











1952 Morris Cowley Ice Cream Van - Built by Winnards of Wigan UK

Taken at The BritishCommercialVehicleMuseum:








1942 Morris Eight Post Office  Telephone Engineers Van









Twin ERF Trucks (Cummins Engins in both) Pictured outside of the British Commercil Vehicle Museum in Leyland


ERF was a Britishtruckmanufacturer. Established in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden, its factory in Sandbach, Cheshire was closed in 2002, and finished as a marque by owner MAN AG in 2007











1939 Armstrong Sideley

Shot outside of Bath Abbey










This shot was yaken from one of the pods on  "The Manchester Eye"




































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